CIMMYT's Latin America product pipeline Tropical highlands yellow (LatAmTHY) focuses on developing early maturing, yellow grain, high-yielding maize hybrids, resistant to TLB, rust and ear rots, and suitable for feed use in tropical rainfed dry/wet high-altitude areas in Latin America.   General Information
  Adaptation/Agroecological zone 2000 - 2800m above sea level
  Type of product Three-way hybrid
  Grain Characteristics
      Grain color Yellow
Grain yield   Grain texture Dent
Grain yield under optimum conditions 9.6 t/ha      
Grain yield on-farm 7.7 t/ha   Biotic Stress Performance
      Turcicum leaf blight (TLB) (1-9) 2.9
Agronomic Characteristics   Rust (1-9) 4.0
Maturity 210 DAP   Diseases are scored on 1-9 scale, where 1 = Highly resistant; 5 = Tolerant; 9 = Highly susceptible
Plant height 202 cm  
Ear height 93 cm      
Bad husk cover 4.5%   Seed Production Characteristics
Ear rot  1.6%   Female seed yield  12.4 t/ha
Root loging 2.8%   Male seed yield  5.4 t/ha
Stalk lodging 7.6%   Nicking -3 days
Anther-silking interval 2 days      
Product information is based on data from the Hybrids Testing Network, MasAgro Project, 45 sites On-Farm (2017) Trials.

DAP = days after planting
TLB = Turcicum leaf blight

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Adaptation > Highlands
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Ear rots
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Turcicum leaf blight (TLB)
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Rust
Grain Texture > Dent
Region > Latin America
Year announced > 2018
Maturity Group > Intermediate maturing
Grain Color > Yellow grain
Product Type > Three-way cross hybrid
For Information, Contact:
Arturo Silva
Maize Seed Systems Coordinator - Latin America

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