CIM20EAPP3-01-47 is a late-maturing, high-yielding, white maize hybrid, with resistance to GLS, TLB, rust, and ear rots, bred for target agroecologies of the highlands of eastern Africa.    General Information
  Region Eastern Africa
  Adaptation/Agroecological zone 1800-2400 masl
  Type of product Three-way cross
  Year first announced 2022
Grain Yield   Kernel Characteristics
Grain yield (opt.) 9.22 t/ha   Kernel color White
Grain yield under on-farm conditions 9.3 t/ha   Kernel texture Semi-dent
Grain yield under low N stress 2.81 t/ha      
Grain yield (RS) 5.75 t/ha   Biotic Stress Performance
      Grey leaf spot (GLS) (AI) (1-9) 3.6
Agronomic Characteristics   Turcicum leaf blight (TLB) (AI) (1-9) 3.7
50% anthesis 772.9 GDD   Rust (nat.) (1-9) 3.5
Anthesis-silking interval  2  days   Ear rots 3.5%
Ear height  113.1 cm   Diseases are scored on a 1-9 scale, where 1 = Highly resistant; 5 = Tolerant; 9 = Highly susceptible.
Plant height  222.2 cm  
Ears per plant 1.4      
Bad husk cover 4.3%   Seed Production Characteristics
Ear aspect (1-5) 2.4   SC female parent yield 11.3 t/ha
Plant aspect 2.8   Male parent yield 3.7 t/ha
Root lodging 1.5%   Nicking -5.4 days
Stalk lodging 2.2%      
Plant and ear aspects are scored on 1-5 scale, where 1 = desirable and 5 = undesirable characteristics   Comments
  Product information is based on data from the CIMMYT East Africa 2020 Regional Trial (CIM20EAPP3) and 2021 regional on-farm trials (EA-ROFT 2021-1A). Actual performance will vary depending on a number of agronomic and environmental factors. 

AI = artificial infestation/inoculation
GDD = growing degree-days (°C)
GLS = Grey Leaf Spot
Low N = managed low nitrogen stress
masl = meters above sea level
nat. = natural infestation
opt. = optimum (44,444 plants per ha)
RS = random stress
SC = single-cross
TLB = Turcicum Leaf Blight
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Adaptation > Highlands
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Ear rots
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Grey leaf spot (GLS)
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Rust
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Turcicum leaf blight (TLB)
Grain Color > White grain
Grain Texture > Semi-dent
Maturity Group > Late maturing
Product Type > Three-way cross hybrid
Region > Eastern Africa
Year announced > 2022
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Nicholas Davis
Program Manager

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