CIMMYT's eastern Africa product profile 2 (EA-PP2) focuses on developing high-yielding, late-maturing maize varieties with white grain, drought tolerance, NUE, and resistance to GLS, TLB, MSV, ear rots, and common rust, that are suitable for food use in tropical, rainfed, wet upper mid-altitude areas in eastern Africa and similar agroecologies.    General Information
  Adaptation/Agroecological zone 1300 - 2000 masl
  Type of product Three-way cross hybrid
  Year first announced 2019
  Grain Characteristics
  Grain color White
      Grain texture Semi dent
Grain Yield      
Grain yield under optimum conditions 9.4 t/ha   Biotic Stress Performance
Grain yield under high density  8.5 t/ha   Turcicum leaf blight (TLB) (1-9) 2.8
Grain yield under drought stress 4.8 t/ha   Grey leaf spot (GLS) (1-9) 2.4
Grain yield under low N stress 5.7 t/ha   Maize streak virus (MSV) (1-9) 2.8
Grain yield under striga conditions 1.5 t/ha   Maize lethal necrosis (MLN) under art. inoc. (1-9) 7.0
Grain yield under MLN art. inoc. 0.7 t/ha   Common rust 2.2
      FAW leaf damage  (1-9) 3.6
Agronomic Characteristics   FAW cob damage  (1-9) 5.5
Days to 50% anthesis 146 DAP   Grain weight loss (MW) 0.2%
Plant height 232.7 cm   Grain weight loss (LGB) 0.3%
Ear height 117.1 cm   Ear rots 4.9%
Bad husk cover 4.2%   Some diseases were originally scored on a 1-5 scale but all have been converted here to a 1-9 scale, where 1 = Highly resistant; 5 = Tolerant; 9 = Highly susceptible.
Root lodging 1.7%  
Stalk lodging 2.4%  
Anther-silking interval 1.2 days      
Ears per plant (#) 1.1   Seed Production Characteristics
Ear aspect (1-5) 2.6   Female seed yield  8.2 t/ha
Plant aspect (1-5) 2.3   Nicking 3 days
Plant and ear aspects are scored on 1-5 scale, where 1 = desirable and 5 = undesirable characteristics      
      Product information is based on data from various trials conducted by CIMMYT in eastern Africa in 2019.

art. inoc. = artificial inoculation
DAP = days after planting
FAW = Fall armyworm
GLS = Grey Leaf Spot
HD = High Density (80,000 plants per ha)
LGB = Larger Grain Borer
Low N = Managed Low Nitrogen
masl = meters above sea level
MD = Managed drought
MSV = maize streak virus
MW= Maize Weevil
NUE = Nitrogen Use Efficient
Opt = Optimum Management
TLB = Turcicum Leaf Blight
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Abiotic Stress Tolerance > Drought tolerant
Abiotic Stress Tolerance > Nitrogen-use efficient (NUE)
Adaptation > Mid-altitudes
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Ear rots
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Grey leaf spot (GLS)
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Maize streak virus (MSV)
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Rust
Biotic Stress Tolerance > Turcicum leaf blight (TLB)
Grain Color > White grain
Grain Texture > Semi-dent
Maturity Group > Late maturing
Product Type > Three-way cross hybrid
Region > Eastern Africa
Year announced > 2019
For Information, Contact:
Nicholas Davis
Program Manager

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